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The three additional layers in the OSI model
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Wed 09 June 2021

At my workplace, I jokingly refer to the three extra layers on top of the OSI network model as a way to describe the difficulties of discussions or cases. These three additional layers are Financial Layer, Politics Layer and Religion Layer, and the idea is that the higher up you go, the more challenging discussions will be.

Gentoo Hardened august meeting
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Fri 29 August 2014

Another month has passed, so we had another online meeting to discuss the progress within Gentoo Hardened.

Lead elections

The yearly lead elections within Gentoo Hardened were up again. Zorry (Magnus Granberg) was re-elected as project lead so doesn't need to update his LinkedIn profile yet ;-)


blueness (Anthony G …

Gentoo Hardened July meeting
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Fri 01 August 2014

I failed to show up myself (I fell asleep - kids are fun, but deplete your energy source quickly), but that shouldn't prevent me from making a nice write-up of the meeting.


GCC 4.9 gives some issues with kernel compilations and other components. Lately, breakage has been reported with …

Gentoo Hardened, June 2014
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Sun 15 June 2014

Friday the Gentoo Hardened project had its monthly online meeting to talk about the progress within the various tools, responsibilities and subprojects.

On the toolchain part, Zorry mentioned that GCC 4.9 and 4.8.3 will have SSP enabled by default. The hardened profiles will still have a different …

Online hardened meeting of March
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Thu 27 March 2014

I'm back from the depths of the unknown, so time to pick up my usual write-up of the online Gentoo Hardened meeting.


GCC 4.9 is being worked on, and might be released by end of April (based on the amount of open bugs). You can find the changes …

December hardened meeting
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Fri 20 December 2013

Yesterday evening (UTC, that is) the members of the Gentoo Hardened project filled the #gentoo-hardened IRC channel again - it was time for another online follow-up meeting.


A few patches on the toolchain need to be created to mark SSP as default, but this is just a minor workload.

And …

November online hardened meeting
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Wed 11 December 2013

Later than usual, as I wasn't able to make the meeting myself (thus had to wait for the meeting logs in order to draft up this summary), so here it is. The next meeting is scheduled for next week, btw ;-)


The 4.8.2 ebuild for GCC is available …

Gentoo Hardened meeting 201310
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Thu 24 October 2013

We gathered online again to talk about the progress, changes and other stuff related to the Gentoo Hardened project.

New Developer

We welcomed Zero_Chaos as a new addition to our team. Big welcome, with the usual IRC kick in between, ensued.


GCC 4.8.x is unmasked and ready …

Aaaand we're back - hardened monthly meeting
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Thu 26 September 2013

It almost feels like we had our monthly online meeting just a week ago. Below a small write-up of the highlights. If you want to know the gory details, just wait a few hours/days until the IRC logs are sent out ;-) Now remember, the project does more than what …

Gentoo Hardened progress report
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Thu 29 August 2013

Today, we had our monthly online meeting to discuss the progress amongst the various Gentoo Hardened projects. As usual, here is a small write-up.

Lead election

As every year, we also reviewed the current project leads. No surprises here, everybody is happy with the current leads so they are re-elected …