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Slowly converting from GuideXML to HTML
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Tue 25 August 2015

Gentoo has removed its support of the older GuideXML format in favor of using the Gentoo Wiki and a new content management system for the main site (or is it static pages, I don't have the faintest idea to be honest). I do still have a few GuideXML pages in my development space, which I am going to move to HTML pretty soon.

In order to do so, I make use of the guidexml2wiki stylesheet I developed. But instead of migrating it to wiki syntax, I want to end with HTML.

Transforming GuideXML to DocBook
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Sat 20 April 2013

I recently committed an XSL stylesheet that allows us to transform the GuideXML documents (both guides and handbooks) to DocBook. This isn't part of a more elaborate move to try and push DocBook instead of GuideXML for the Gentoo Documentation though (I'd rather direct documentation development more to the Gentoo …

Transforming GuideXML to wiki
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Tue 12 February 2013

The Gentoo project has its own official wiki for some time now, and we are going to use it more and more in the next few months. For instance, in the last Gentoo Hardened meeting, we already discussed that most user-oriented documentation should be put on the wiki, and I've …