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Creating an enterprise open source policy
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Sat 20 November 2021

Nowadays it is impossible to ignore, or even prevent open source from being active within the enterprise world. Even if a company only wants to use commercially backed solutions, many - if not most - of these are built with, and are using open source software.

However, open source is more than just a code sourcing possibility. By having a good statement within the company on how it wants to deal with open source, what it wants to support, etc. engineers and developers can have a better understanding of what they can do to support their business further.

In many cases, companies will draft up an open source policy, and in this post I want to share some practices I've learned on how to draft such a policy.

Evaluating the zero trust hype
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Tue 05 October 2021

Security vendors are touting the benefits of "zero trust" as the new way to approach security and security-conscious architecturing. But while there are principles within the zero trust mindset that came up in the last dozen years, most of the content in zero trust discussions is tied to age-old security propositions.

SELinux is great for enterprises (but many don't know it yet)
by Sven Vermeulen, post on Sat 03 January 2015

Large companies that handle their own IT often have internal support teams for many of the technologies that they use. Most of the time, this is for reusable components like database technologies, web application servers, operating systems, middleware components (like file transfers, messaging infrastructure, ...) and more. All components that are …