Talk about SELinux on GSE Linux/Security


Sven Vermeulen Tue 25 March 2014

On today's GSE Linux / GSE Security meeting (in cooperation with IMUG) I gave a small (30 minutes) presentation about what SELinux is. The slides are online and cover two aspects of SELinux: some of its design principles, and then a set of features provided by SELinux. The talk is directed towards less technical folks - still IT of course, but not immediately involved in daily operations - so no commands and example/output.

SELinux came across the board a few times during the entire day. In the talks about Open Source Security and Security Guidelines for z/VM and Linux on System z SELinux came (of course) up as the technology of choice for providing in-operating system mandatory access control (on the zEnterprise' Z/VM level - the hypervisor - this is handled through RACF Mandatory Access Control) and the Security Enablement on Virtual Machines had SELinux in the front line for the sVirt security protection measures (which focuses on the segregation through MLS categories).

And during the talk about A customer story about logging and audit, well, you can guess which technology is also one of the many sources of logging. Right. SELinux ;-)

Anyway, if your company is interested in such GSE events, make sure to follow the site for updates. It's a great way for networking as well as sharing experiences.