Later than usual, as I wasn't able to make the meeting myself (thus had to wait for the meeting logs in order to draft up this summary), so here it is. The next meeting is scheduled for next week, btw ;-)


The 4.8.2 ebuild for GCC is available in the tree, currently still masked.

Kernel and grSecurity

The grSecurity project has made the patches for the 3.12 kernel available; a hardened 3.12 kernel is available in the hardened-development overlay.


Matthew is working on ZFSonLinux and SELinux support.


Matthew and Steev have been working on SELinux and ARM support. It seems to work, but kernel versions matter greatly. We might want to open up ARM keywords.

That's about it. As blueness wasn't there as well, the topics were discussed quite fast. The full logs can be found on the gentoo-hardened mailinglist.


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