New SELinux userspace release


Sven Vermeulen Tue 05 November 2013

Between now and an hour, Gentoo users using the \~arch branch will notice that new versions of the SELinux userspace applications are now available. Released on October 30th, they contain many bug fixes sent previously as well as a couple of interesting developments and enhancements (more work on sepolicy, for instance).

My tests revealed only a single issue that I still need to solve (another issue, bug 490436, is hopefully properly worked around), which is bug 490442, where audit2allow does not want to generate refpolicy-style SELinux policy modules. Other than that, most infrastructural tests were successful.

Two SELinux policy updates were needed:

manage_lnk_files_pattern(semanage_t, semanage_store_t, semanage_store_t)

The first one is sent upstream as I think it is an obvious one (new userspace now using symbolic links). The other one I'm not that sure of, but for now it works. I made the above policy changes locally; if approved I'll commit them to our tree asap.

So, go play with it and report whatever you can on bugzilla (SELinux component).