Switching gpg key to 0x2EDD52403B68AF47


Sven Vermeulen Thu 19 September 2013

I recently switched my GnuPG key. The previous key - which is still in place for now (no revocation send out yet) - was 0x5DFAB3ECCDBA2FDB and was a 1024 bit DSA key. The new one, 0x2EDD52403B68AF47, is a 4096 bit RSA key. It also has the following preferences:

gpg> showpref
[ultimate] (1). Sven Vermeulen <sven.vermeulen@siphos.be>
[ultimate] (2)  Sven Vermeulen <swift@gentoo.org>
     Cipher: AES256, AES192, AES, CAST5, 3DES
     Digest: SHA512, SHA384, SHA256, SHA224, SHA1
     Compression: BZIP2, ZLIB, ZIP, Uncompressed
     Features: MDC, Keyserver no-modify

The new key's fingerprint is as follows:

gpg> fpr
pub   4096R/0x2EDD52403B68AF47 2013-09-16 Sven Vermeulen 
 Primary key fingerprint: 7264 9F85 E8F1 6F6A 4B68  1102 2EDD 5240 3B68 AF47

A signed key transition statement can be found on my Gentoo development page; the document is signed with both of my keys (the old one and new one).