Today was a productive day


Sven Vermeulen Thu 15 August 2013

Fixed 14 bugs today, with a few more pending (those for packages only get marked as FIXED if it is moved to the stable state). One of the changes is the GRUB2 support in the Gentoo Handbook (yes, finally, sorry about that). That opens up the road for the stabilization of GRUB2.

I also added a dozen fixes to the Gentoo SELinux policy repository and sent a few others upstream that have been lingering in our policy for quite some time. But the highlight for me was that I got to play with my Wacom Bamboo pen and touch which, I must say, integrated easily with my system. I only had to build the wacom.ko kernel module and install the xf86-input-wacom package, but that's all - no reboot needed. Even GIMP immediately detected the new device and I can start drawing and fixing pictures more easily (I work on pictures often and a mouse just isn't that obvious).

One of the huge benefits is that the pressure you put on the drawing pad is related (and configurable) to a drawing function in GIMP, something you don't have with mice. For instance, if you need to Dodge or Burn on layers, you don't need to continuously switch between the amount - just adjust the pressure.