Moving Gentoo docs to the wiki


Sven Vermeulen Sun 28 July 2013

Slowly but surely Gentoo documentation guides are being moved to the Gentoo Wiki. Thanks to the translation support provided by the infrastructure, all "reasons" not to go forward with this have been resolved. At first, I'm focusing on documentation with open bugs that have not been picked up (usually due to (human) resource limits), but other documents will follow.

Examples of already moved documents are the Xorg configuration guide, the GCC optimization guide, UTF-8 and System testing with UML. Many more have been moved as well.

The migrations are assisted by a conversion script that translates GuideXML into wiki style content, although manual corrections remain needed. For instance, all <pre caption="..."> stuff is changed into {{Code|...}} even though the Wiki has several templates for code, such as {{Kernel|...}} for kernel configurations, {{RootCmd|...}} for commands ran as a privileged user and {{Cmd|...}} for unprivileged user commands.

I updated the documentation list on the main Gentoo site to reflect the movement of documents as well, as this list will be slowly shrinking.