New SELinux userspace release


A new release of the SELinux userspace utilities was recently announced. I have made the packages for Gentoo available and they should now be in the main tree (\~arch of course). During the testing of the packages however, I made a stupid mistake of running the tests on the wrong VM, one that didn't contain the new packages. Result: no regressions (of course). My fault for not using in-ebuild tests properly, as I should. So you'll probably see me blogging about the in-ebuild testing soon ;-)

In any case, the regressions I did find out (quite fast after I updated my main laptop with them as well) where a missing function in libselinux, a referral to a non-existing makefile when using "semanage permissive" and the new sepolicy application requiring yum python bindings. At least, with the missing function (hopefully correctly) resolved, all tests I usually do (except for the permissive domains) are now running well again.

This only goes to show how important testing is. Of course, I reported the bugs on the mailinglist of the userspace utilities as well. Hopefully they can look at them while I'm asleep so I can integrate fixes tomorrow more easily ;-)