Linux Sea and ePub update


Sven Vermeulen Tue 02 April 2013

I just "published" a small update on the Linux Sea online book. Nothing major, some path updates (like the move to /etc/portage for the make.conf file). But I wouldn't put a blog post online if there wasn't anything else to say ;-)

Recently I was made aware that the ePub versions I publish were broken. I don't use ePub readers myself, so all I do is read the ePubs through a Firefox plug-in and it's been a while that I did that on my own ePubs. Apparently, the stylesheets I used to convert the Docbook to ePub changes behavior (or my scripts abused an error in the previous stylesheets that are fixed now). So right now the ePub version should work again, and the code snippet below is what I use now to build it:

xsltproc --stringparam base.dir linuxsea-epub/OEBPS/ /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-stylesheets/epub3/chunk.xsl LINUXSEA.xml;
cp -r /path/to/src/linux_sea/images linuxsea-epub/OEBPS;
cd linuxsea-epub;
zip -X0 linux_sea.epub mimetype;
zip -r -X9 linux_sea.epub META-INF OEBPS;
mv linux_sea.epub ../;