Keeping /selinux


Sven Vermeulen Fri 04 May 2012

Just a very quick paragraph on a just-reported issue: if you upgrade your SELinux utilities to the latest version and you switch from /selinux to /sys/fs/selinux as the mountpoint for the SELinux file system, you might get into issues. Apparently, init (which is responsible for mounting the SELinux file system through a call to libselinux) is trying to mount it on - well yes - /sys/fs/selinux but at that time, /sys is not mounted yet.

I haven't been able to reproduce just yet, because I just recently had to move all my systems to use an initramfs (thank you you-need-an-initramfs-when-you-have-a-separate-usr-partition) which premounts /sys. But the current workaround should be to keep /selinux for now. The utilities support it still, and that gives me some time to look and investigate the issue.