Catching up, but stuff is piling...


Sven Vermeulen Thu 24 May 2012

Those that are frequent the #gentoo-hardened chat channel know that I'm currently trying to get the SELinux related utilities working under Python 3. This has progressed quite far, but I'm still not there yet. I'm now hitting a weird bug which seems to come down to an incorrect free() on some memory (well, I don't know this, this is my current assumption) but which seems hard to catch. So I'm learning a lot (thanks to an active community) about debugging Python and memory issues.

These past few weeks have been enlightening for me on the matter of Python 2 to 3 conversions. Enough that I can fully understand Diego's pain when dealing with Ruby upgrades ;-) I hope that, if Perl 6 ever comes out (right now, Perl 6 is the future - now and in the future ;-), that they think about the children... err, package maintainers.

Because it takes some time to work on these matters, other reported SELinux issues have been piling up; I hope I can close down this Python migration in the near future and work on the remainder of bugs...

Next to all this, I'm slowly going through some documentation related bugs, but also mentoring Devan Franchini in his GSoC project on a SELinux policy originator. And now that I linked his blog, he's going to feel obliged to blog on his progress! ;-)