Catching up


Sven Vermeulen Sun 18 September 2011

As mentioned on the gentoo-doc mailinglist, all documentation bugs (that we know of) related to openrc have been fixed. It was already a week like so, but the last dependency on our "tracker" bug was an open one (asking if more needs to be done or not) from which we haven't received an answer in over a month. So I guess we're there.

Now, the OpenRC transition wasn't an easy one documentation-wise. Since there is no full backwards compatibility, all changes would need to be done in an atomic way, but due to resource constraints, the documentation couldn't catch up on the changes in due time. Luckily, that's over now and we can hopefully start by improving our documentation once again.

For SELinux too, OpenRC hasn't been a gift. The latest selinux-base-policy now in the Portage tree (20110726-r4) still includes some fixes to get OpenRC support fully working. However, I'm fairly confident that we will be able to tackle other bugs (if they arise) quickly now, since the basic policy definitions (like support for rc_exec_t) are now in place.

With the major changes done, let's look at the future. For documentation, I'm now working on a new Power Management Guide whereas for SELinux, I'll be focusing on the remaining bugs as well as documentation updates (the SELinux Handbook will have some major updates in the hope it becomes more useful and future-proof). Also, for GDP, I'm going to make a suggestion towards the Gentoo Documentation Policy, taking into account that the GDP resources are not as high as at the time the policy was written. Finally, I'm going to update my installation scripts that I use to seed the virtual servers so that I can enhance the SELinux policy testing.

I consider this post to be a checklist - after all, now that I promised that I would do that, I guess I can't excuse myself from that anymore do I ;-)