Gentoo Hardened SELinux state


Sven Vermeulen Sat 09 July 2011

Since last post, we've been working on the further stabilization and bug fixing of the SELinux policies within Gentoo Hardened. You might have noticed that we started working on the QA of the packages, like I promised in the last post. The binaries within selinux-base-policy are now published somewhere on blueness' developer page since he's proxy'ing all my commits until recruiters get the chance to pick up my recruitment bug. Other patches that are coming up will be published likewise as well if they get too big to be within the main Portage tree.

Next to the binaries, I'm currently checking if the SELinux policy packages can become EAPI-4 compliant (they're currently still using EAPI-0). Same for the SELinux-specific packages, like policycoreutils, libsemanage, libselinux etc.

During the last few days, I've tried to take a few stabs at supporting Python 2 and Python 3 simultaneously. It seems to work for policycoreutils and libsemanage (necessary fixes are in the gentoo-hardened overlay) but any attempt to fix libselinux seems to give me hard walls. So for now, we're still stuck with Python 2 support when using Portage (note that you can still use Python 3 for all other things, but Portage requires Python 2 as it calls libselinux). This is currently still accomplished through a proper use.mask and use.force setting against Portage.

Of course, the policies themselves are not silent either. I've updated the selinux-base-policy package so that Portage can now support NFS-mounted Portage trees and made quite a few openrc-related fixes as well (against the policy, not against openrc ;-)

I promised to take a stab at MCS in the near future, and that's still the plan. Hopefully in the coming few weeks ;-)