What's next after stabilization?


Sven Vermeulen Mon 13 June 2011

The last few weeks have shown quite a few interesting improvements on Gentoo Hardened's SELinux state. We now have improved (simplified) Gentoo profile support, supporting SELinux on no-multilib (an often requested feature, now finally in), we stabilized the 2.20101213 policies that are in the tree and are cleaning up the old ones. The documentation is continuously updated (handbook and FAQ) and we are getting a nice stream of users helping out and reporting stuff on SELinux.

So, besides the further stabilization and bug fixing, what else is on the horizon?

Well, our first concern now will be to make the ebuilds more... correct. Some of them still violate a few QA rules and this needs to be fixed. If possible, we'll also start converting our ebuilds to a more recent EAPI.

Then, we will take a first stab at MCS within Gentoo Hardened. Our primary concern here is support for the virtualization technologies which, if SELinux-aware, are often using MCS to shield off running guests from each other.

So interesting times are ahead. And of course, while we're at it, we'll continue improving policies and submitting our own patches upstream.