Temporary script for Gentoo Hardened SELinux users


Sven Vermeulen Sun 27 February 2011

If you are currently using Gentoo Hardened with SELinux, you might have noticed that we are currently lacking the proper dependencies within our Portage tree upon the SELinux policies (or, in other words, installing a package doesn't guarantee that the SELinux policy needed for that package is pulled in as well). As the current SELinux policy is still in \~arch phase, it is also not really feasible to ask other package maintainers to add the proper dependency information as that might stall potential stability requests in general.

So, for the time being, I'm using a simple script (which I call genmodoverview) which tells me on my systems which SELinux policy modules i might still be missing. Based on the output of that script, I can then continue to install the sec-policy/selinux-* package(s) for those modules.

It's usage is simple. Download the genmodoverview.sh and LISTING files, make the first one executable and run ./genmodoverview.sh -c LISTING.