I remain impressed by the free software community


Sven Vermeulen Wed 25 August 2010

My current personal projects, Linux Sea and cvechecker, are actively being watched by the free software community. For the Linux Sea book, I get nice feedback and ideas on the Gentoo Forums and on the cvechecker application, people such as Nigel Horne are helping out in various ways - including feature requests of all sorts.

I must admit, I remain impressed.

Small changes have already been squeezed in in the Linux Sea document. A larger change (the use of the iw tools for wireless connectivity) is being investigated (sadly, my broadcom-sta device doesn't support the new nl80211 API so the documentation change is slower to integrate than expected). I'm also planning to make some updates on the software management chapter as it is currently becoming quite crowded.

In the cvetool, most changes are bugfixes and output enhancements as expected. I'm not going to add more functionality now - I first want to get a stable 1.0 release out there. But first continue to squash bugs and add rules to the versions.dat file so that it is usable on various systems (release 0.4 is around the corner).