Linux Sea sources online, cvechecker still in development


Sven Vermeulen Fri 23 July 2010

First of all, I've put the sources for Linux Sea online at GitHub. Not only does that safeguard any latest changes from not hitting my backup in time before my laptop dies (it's terminal, but I can't let him go yet ;-) but it also allows people who want to help with it (or translate it) to pull in the sources.

Note that it is still not finished (no spelling and grammar check done yet, still need to add some exercises, etc); once it is, I will tag the sources appropriately.

On the cvechecker state, it is also still under development, but progress is going nicely. Most of the work now is in updating the versions.dat file with information on how to obtain the current version of a package/tool. It is an easy activity - most of the work is in finding out how CVE entries would label a tool (what vendor and product name would be chosen) and because I am too lazy, I am currently only adding those that already have CVE entries assigned to them (so I can just take a look at the correct values).

It is also my first attempt at using autotools. Quite some overkill for such a small project, but why not. At least it allows me to try to do some new things here ;-)