1. I’ve said goodbye to everything but Dell lately. Right now on E7440. Also did XPS14 before this, and have a couple of E6220s around. Been on Samsung, Acer and others over the years with a lot of varying success and simply got tired of it. Dell deserves our support for having been there much more consistently with properly compatible hardware i.e. no binary blob Broadcom crap.

  2. The laptop is based on the Clevo 15CL56-GTX bundle. I don’t know if it is a good one yet (for that it’s way too soon – let’s revisit this in a year or two) but for now I’m satisfied.

    The previous laptops were HP (twice – one consumer and one “enterprise” type), Asus, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu and Toshiba. They all had their issues, some visible quite soon, others took a year before they started showing signs of “I don’t like you” behavior.

  3. name

    Chromium can be compiled on quad code notebook in 40 minutes only with non-empty ccache. It takes 160 minutes on dual core desktop with empty ccache directory.

  4. Alexey Kharlamov

    Gummiboot is not necessary to edit boot entries. You can boot kernels using EFI stub, but in order to boot kernel with custom parameters, download UEFI shell and add entry for it. Once you need to boot with custom parameters, enter shell and enter smth like this:

    fs0: (this will move you to EFI-partition. you will see all the available filesystems on startup)
    cd EFI
    your_kernel.efi init=/bin/bash some_other_options

  5. Gregorio Marcelo

    have u looked at the EFI_Gentoo_End_to_End_Install page/subsite on the wiki? I just used it to put gentoo on my new ASUS vivobook – instructions are for dual boot, but just ignore the windoze stuff (always a good idea:) & the rest works fine… has some nice detail on EFI stub kernel, secure boot & Systemd setup

  6. jcbjoe

    What is a good laptop for gentoo .. i’m in the market and love gentoo i just want something that can get good power when i’m emerging stuff

    Also how is powertop and cpu_freq with your laptop ?


  7. There is no “good laptop” for Gentoo – you need to look at what you are trying to do with your laptop and choose based on that. I have a large memory requirement (mainly due to large set of virtual machines) but no graphical requirements whatsoever. I picked an nVidia card as it supports CUDA in case I later want to play with it.

    What do you want to know about powertop? It works. For CPU frequency scaling I use the intel_pstate driver. No problems at this point.

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