1. it is why I love paludis and it’s hooks!
    I have the autopatch hook which allows me to test my patches w/o rewriting ebuilds — it just apply them after, say, src_unpack() (or other configurable stage)…

    portage users also have `epatch_user` from `eutils.eclass` and can put their patches to /etc/portage/patches//[:SLOT] — but, unfortunately it must be explicitly called by ebuild… frak!

  2. BAReFOOt

    @Alex: The problem with paludis is, that it’s work to switch over, and the benefit I’d gain is rather minute… from what I can tell.
    There should be a big pretty website making clear what I gain from it, and making the cost rather minute.
    E.g. there should be a table showing how to do the equivalent of every portage solution in paludis.
    Things like: Mask a certain ebuild version range from a certain overlay and slot, configure flags, what to do when building/installation fails for various cases (like slot conflicts and similar messes, compilation errors, etc), integration with cchache, distcc, etc.
    Having to search all over the net for sparse information is already too much for the advantages I can see right now.

    I want to be wrong. :)

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