1. Roger

    Thanks for the note.

    So for updating old Gentoo operating systems, do the following prior to any package upgrades or any system profile changes.

    # emerge -upv portage | tee portage-DATE.log && emerge -uq portage | tee portage-DATE.log


  2. Trizt

    Mine haven’t been as old as 2009, a lot younger, from 2010, managed to do a sync and then change profile and decided to change some EAPI in the profile from 5 to 4 during the time I did upgrade portage, all 5 packages built nicely and then I restored the profile to be EAPI 5 again.

    Maybe won’t work from 3 to 5, but it worked for me, even if it wasn’t the right way to do it.

    Maybe someone should look into making a small tool that could automate the process of updating an old system.

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