1. Matthew Marchese

    Thanks, Sven! I appreciate your work with Gentoo. I’ve learned a lot from you so far, and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn a lot!

  2. Florian

    2 remarks:
    * increase the size of the suggested swap partition (most computers nowadays have several gigs of ram)
    * ext2 for /boot ?? also, 128MB seems a little small, if you’re using some big initramfs, which is kind of mandatory now since a separated /usr is not recommended any more….

    thanks a lot, the gentoo handbook is an excellent piece of dokumentation!

  3. Hi Florian

    I already added information about the swap and its size not that long ago. For instance, it tells users that in case of hibernation they should make it much bigger.

    If you have lots of RAM, you definitely don’t need lots of swap, on the contrary. Hopefully, with the explanation what the swap is for, users can make their own decision on that. I think 512mb is as good a value as any.

    With respect to /boot – it was 32Mb in the past, I made it 128Mb now. I use separate /usr partitions myself and have 2 initramfs in my /boot (in case one fails, another one can be used). Both are just below 2 Mbyte in size. But if you know of a good description that we can add (just like we did with the swap space) on /boot, by all means, give it ! ;-)

  4. Thanks for your documentation. Can you maybe include a note in the handbook that the BIOS boot partition created during the MBR set up does not hurt (just like you wrote in this post)? I found it really confusing that an EFI partion was suggested during the MBR type setup, especially since the blue warning follows “Note
    Using EFI with MBR partition layout is discouraged. If an EFI capable system is used, please use GPT layout.”

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