1. Nhan Nguyen Thanh

    I’m researching SELinux as my thesis project for graduating my university. It’s almost theory, so I need a demo to demonstrate for SELinux. I think in this field, policy is very important, and I want to create my own policy, in order that I can show how policy help control access. I’ve tried with accessing files, brown internet..etc. But it may not big enough for a thesis project. You have researched and understood thoroughly about SELinux and it’s policy. Could you give me some suggestions with my aim. I’m hourned to hear your construction. Thank you!

  2. SELinux is a broad topic to discuss. Is it about SELinux as a type enforcement implementation? Or generally as a mandatory access control system?

    Perhaps you could look at the various features that SELinux provides (I recently uploaded a small presentation covering these) and give examples for each of them.

    A good idea would be to also focus on what SELinux can’t help you with, such as in-application threats.

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