1. True, but I’ll first need to get things working. Manually changing the openrc.rb file (which then gets overwritten when I do an update) isn’t the way to go that way. So I’m currently providing my own (which uses duplicated code) and once things are working I’ll see how these changes can be pushed back to the main openrc.rb provider.

  2. Also, doesn’t look like I’ll need the run_init support anymore. It was needed when using puppet in decentralized mode (as it then doesn’t use the puppet_t domain) because I still had need for unattended service management. With the recent developments on the rootok permission (see later post), this requirement has been removed.

    The remainder might still be on the status validation (return code results) although most of these can be trapped by stating that the provider doesn’t have status support (so Puppet falls back to process listing validation). But it might be “nicer” if Gentoo could support LSB-alike return codes for status validation as well as return codes for starting/stopping services (instead of returning 0 all the time).

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