1. Toralf Förster

    I’m just curious where a detailed Gentoo install doc for installing SElinux w/ KVM can be found.

  2. loux thefuture

    i’m trying to run your vm but i got “Block device /dev/vg/root is not a valid root device…”. Maybe i start the vm with a wrong option like “-hda selinux..qcow2″ instead of something else ?

  3. There’s nothing really specific about installing Gentoo SELinux within KVM (that’s the idea behind virtualization ;-)

  4. Ah yes, the image is built with virtio usage for the disks. Try using something like “-drive file=selinuxnode-…qcow2,if=virtio” instead. Otherwise the initramfs won’t find the /dev/vda* stuff (instead finding /dev/sda* only).

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